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Broadband4spain, BB4S (Rebeloak S.L.)

Terms and Conditions for Standard Internet / Telephone customers

Installation and use of the services will be governed by the terms of this agreement. Please read through these terms and conditions carefully.

Whenever you purchase and or use our services you agree to be bound by this agreement. This agreement will be governed by Spanish law.

1) Definitions:

1.1 You and Your: The person named on our database as recipient of our services, Persons living with you in your household, working with you in your business, any person or entity accessing our services. Items pertaining to you.

1.2 Us, We & Our: Rebeloak S.L. , our employees, our authorised agents, our legal representatives, our sub contractors and our successors.

1.3 Our equipment: Any equipment provided by us and installed at your premises. This includes but not limited to the following items: Outside Antenna unit, Antenna mounting bracket, Cables, Indoor power supply units, Telephone adaptor units, VoIP Telephone units.

1.4 Our service & services: access to the public internet by means of systems and devices provided and maintained by us. Access to the public telephone network by means of systems and devices provided by us.

1.5 Your Premises: A dwelling place owned, lent or rented to you and occupied by no more than one family or kin. Or a registered business premises with Internet connectivity for no more than 5 personal computers or other Internet connected devices and not providing Internet access for any external person, persons organisation or entity.

1.6 Standard Installation: The works of installing our equipment at your premises. The categorisation of “standard installation” is entirely at our discretion. Reasons that may exclude your installation from being standard include but are not limited to: Difficult access, cable runs longer than 10m, installations requiring additional bracketery due to local conditions, special routing of cables for cosmetic reasons, installation work taking longer than 2 hours.

1.7 NON Standard Installation: Installation works not falling under our categorisation “standard Installation” explained above.

1.8 FREE: Any additional service, system or device provided by us for your use which has been nominated by us as “Free”. Items described as “Free” are without warranty, guarantee, or the right to technical support, repair or replacement. They are provided by us to you “as is”. Free items may be withdrawn, discontinued or superseded by us at any time. Technical support for “free” items is provided on a reasonable efforts basis. Support for our core products (Internet and Telephone services) will always take priority.

We reserve the right to re categorise a Free service to a paid service at any time. Such changes will be notified on the bb4s website with a minimum of 10 days clear notice.

1.9 Standard Installation: In order for you to receive our services it is necessary for us to install our equipment at your premises, this work will be undertaken by us at a subsidised rate where the work is deemed by us as a “standard installation”.

1.10 NON Standard Installations: In the event we categorise your installation as “Non Standard Installation” we reserve the right to make additional charges to cover our additional costs. We will always provide an estimate before starting any works, at that time you will have the right to cancel the installation without any cost to you whatsoever. Less than 5% of our installations are catagorised as “non standard”.

1.11 Our Equipment: Equipment provided by us and installed at your premises remains the property of Rebeloak S.L. This includes but not limited to the following items: Outside Antenna unit, Antenna mounting bracket, Cables, Indoor power supply units, Telephone adaptor unit, VoIP Telephone units.

2) Our Obligations to you:

2.1 Appointment times: Due to the nature of our work, travelling times, climatic conditions and other variables we regret that we cannot offer specific appointment times. Usually you will be allocated a morning or afternoon appointment slot. It is usual procedure for our installation engineers to attempt to contact you 1-2 hours before arrival, depending on mobile phone coverage. For remote and difficult to find locations it may be necessary for you to meet our engineer at an agreed location on a public road.

2.2 Free Site Survey: To receive our service at your location you must have direct line-of-site from one of our masts. To confirm this it will be necessary for one of our engineers to conduct a site survey. Normally a site survey will be conducted immediately prior to commencement of installation works. If the site survey produces a negative report there will be no charge to you and we will have no obligation to provide a service.

2.3 Subsidised Standard Installation: We will provide one Subsidised standard installation per customer / Household. Free installation is available to you when paying the first 6 calendar months consecutive service fees (Including the actual month of installation).

We will discuss with you a suitable location for the external antenna, indoor equipment and route for the data cable, Our installation staff will consider your preferences within the constraints of the standard installation. Our preferred location for the antenna and route for the cable will be that which offers the most economical, practical solution. Our installation staff will also consider the visual impact of the antenna placement.

2.4 We want you to be completely happy with our services so we offer a full money-back guarantee within 30 days of installation, upon return of all equipment (in the same condition as provided to you) that has been provided to you free of charge.

2.5 Broadband Service: We will provide the Service/s from the moment that the installation is completed until either you or we end this contract in the way set out in these terms and conditions (subject to any relevant Minimum Contract Period).

2.6 We will use reasonable skill and care when we provide the Service/s to you.

2.7 We do not guarantee that the Service/s will be fault free or available at any particular time or continuously of any particular period.

2.8 In certain limited circumstances, we may not be able to provide you with the service for technical reasons. If this happens we will use all reasonable endeavours to restore your service/s promptly. There is no right to compensation for periods of outage.

2.9 We may suspend the service for short periods of time without notice to you where it is necessary for us to do so for operational reasons such as: improvement, maintenance, or because of unexpected external events. We will restore the service/s to you as soon as possible.

2.10 We will use reasonable endeavours to provide the Broadband Service to you at the speed indicated in your package, however we cannot always guarantee this. The speed of your connection and download times may be faster or slower depending on factors external to our network. For example: the performance of your computer and it’s WiFi connection, general performance issues of the internet and external servers. If the speed of your connection continuously drops below the speed “guaranteed” in your package, our engineers will investigate and endeavour to rectify the situation.

2.11 Security: Whilst we make every effort to ensure security of our network, you accept and acknowledge that the Broadband Service, as with other Internet services and applications, are not secure and we do not guarantee the prevention or detection of any unauthorised attempts to access your computers / internet devices. It is your responsibility to protect your systems and appliances from computer viruses, adware, spyware, and malware and other external risks by installing and updating adequate anti-virus software.

2.12 With the intention of ensuring our network performs consistently for all customers across our network and at all times, we reserve the right to manage internet applications across the Broadband Services at our discretion and as we see fit.

2.13 Faulty goods within 28 days of receipt will be exchanged depending on condition. This does not apply to faults caused by accident, neglect or misuse, for which there will be no re-fund or exchange.

Outside of these 28 days and the product develops a fault you will be responsible for returning the product and we can help arrange repair or return to manufacturer. This applies to goods within 12 months of purchase. Again, accidental damage does not apply.

2.14 We do not have to provide the service/s or to otherwise keep to this agreement if:

2.14.1 You abuse any member of our team (includes verbal, racial, written, cyber and physical abuse).

2.14.2 It is not practical to deliver the services for health and safety reasons;

2.14.3 You do not qualify under our current credit policy;

2.14.4 You have previously misused our service/s;

2.14.5 You persistently fail to comply with our acceptable usage policy;

2.14.6 You fail to comply with the other terms of this agreement;

2.14.7 You have not paid for your service/s;

2.14.8 It is no longer practical or financially viable for us to deliver the service/s to you for reasons outside our reasonable control.

2.15 From time to time we may allow you to try certain services for free. We have the right to withdraw these trial services at any time, without giving notice.

2.16 From time to time we may supply service solely for promotional purposes or as part of a promotion and whether for a charge or otherwise. We may stop such supply or change the promotional services at any time.

2.17 We are not responsible if you are not able to use the services because your equipment (for example, any PC, wifi router, network interface card, printer, telephone appliance or other equipment) does not work properly or is not compatible with the system or our service/s.

2.18 Telephone / email support, We provide a FREE telephone / email support service during normal working hours (see website). Our engineers will help you with issues directly concerning your internet or bb4s telephone connection. Our engineers cannot provide support for indirect issues. For example PC faults, problems with third party internet services that are not provided by us.

2.19 Out of hours support, We operate a free out of hours text support service. Please see web site for details

2.20 Callout service. We provide a FREE callout service when it is necessary to repair or maintain the external bb4s antenna equipment. You may be requested to bring portable items (power supply adaptors and other small items) to our offices for repair. If we are called out for any other reasons such as physical damage or neglect of equipment you may be charged.

2.21 Our antenna system requires a “line of sight” view to one of our transmitter sites. Trees, new buildings, etc can obstruct the signal path reducing or blocking your connection. We are not responsible if the path becomes obstructed.

2.22 We will not be liable in any way for any loss or damage which is caused to you or your own property arising as a result of using equipment we provided to you.

2.23 For training and security purposes, we may monitor and record telephone conversations you may have with our team.


3) Your obligations:

3.1 You agree to provide positive identification (Passport, NIE) this is a legal requirement.

3.2 You agree to provide current payment details at all times (Spanish Bank account, credit or debit card).

3.3 You agree to be contactable via e-mail.

3.4 You agree to provide us with accurate and current information (address, email, phone number) to enable us to perform our respective obligations under this agreement. You agree to tell us immediately if any of your details change.

3.5 You agree not to tamper with or allow anyone else to tamper with our equipment.

3.6 You agree only to use our equipment to receive our service/s.

3.7 You agree not to remove or allow any of our equipment to be removed from your property.

3.8 You agree to allow us access to maintain the equipment during normal working hours.

3.9 You agree to return our equipment immediately on demand.

3.10 You agree that in the case of Electrical Storm you will disconnect our equipment from the mains supply.

3.11 At the end of this agreement you also agree to allow us access to your property for the purpose of recovering our equipment during normal working hours, and at a reasonably agreed time within 7 days.

3.12 You agree not to use or attempt to use our equipment in relation to any other service.

3.13 You agree not to share your connection outside of your own premises.

3.14 You agree not to resell our services or to make them available to any 3rd party.

3.15 If we provide you with a telephone service you agree not to sell or to transfer the number/s to any other person/s or organisation.

3.16 Our equipment operates from a standard 230 Volt +or- 10%, 50Hz AC electricity supply. It is your responsibility to maintain an adequate electricity supply within the above tolerances. If you supply our equipment with an electricity supply having a Voltage / frequency outside this range the equipment may not function or may become damaged. If our equipment is damaged by your electricity supply we may charge you for the cost of any repairs, such charges are immediately due. It is your responsibility to recover your costs from your electricity supplier. Alternatively you may wish to insure yourself against such charges.

3.17 You are responsible for applying for any consents and permissions necessary for us to install our equipment at your premises.

3.18 Our antenna system requires a “line of sight” view to one of our transmitter sites. Trees, new buildings, etc can obstruct the signal path reducing or blocking your connection. It is your responsibility to ensure the path is not obstructed.

3.19 Any equipment which you own and which you connect to the system (for example, PCs telephones, fax machines, wireless routers) must meet with all relevant laws and regulations. We reserve the right to disconnect any equipment that does not meet these laws and regulations.

4) Payment Terms.

4.1 You agree to pay the charges for the services as set out in our price guide (see website) or as otherwise notified to you, together with any applicable taxes (for example, iva (VAT)). If you do not cancel the services (see suspensions page on website and 6.1 below), the charges will continue to be payable by you. We reserve the right to change our charges at any time. We will publish any change on our website and we will endeavour to publish any changes at least 14 days before they take effect. Any changes to our tariffs will be published on our website and will appear on your next bill.

4.2 You agree that you are liable for any charges on your account regardless of whether you or anyone else (with or without permission) runs up those charges (unless the charges result from fraud by someone else which you could have had no control over) For example, if someone who has access to your home uses the services, we would consider them to be within your control and you would be liable for those charges. If you do become aware of any fraud by someone else, you must tell us immediately.

4.3 All services are charged by the whole calendar month and from the 1st of the month. (Note: Customers are charged per whole calender month only, there is no prorata).

4.4 Internet service charge and telephone rental charge are billed monthly in advance.

4.5 Telephone call charges are immediately due (normally charged in the following month)

4.6 All charges are taken automatically by direct debit, debit or credit card. We are unable to accept standing orders or bank transfers (note: In the event of error or fraud ,Spanish consumer law fully protects Direct Debits which are fully refundable, unlike standing orders or bank transfers.). We accept debit/credit card details only for telephone service and telephone calls.

4.7 Our billing date is the first of the month. Payments will be processed as close as practicably possible to this date. Note: during weekends and bank holiday periods this may be several days before the 1st.

4.8 It is your responsibility to ensure you have sufficient funds / credit available.

4.9 It is your responsibility to check your bill has been paid.

4.10 We reserve the right to pass on any bank charges plus a reasonable administration charge if your bank or card company declines payment.

4.11 IVA (VAT) Invoices (facturas) are only available on cleared funds (normally 30 days after payment processing)

4.12 Billing enquiries are dealt with via email: info@bb4s.com

5) Changing this agreement

5.1 We may at any time amend, modify, alter or improve the terms of this agreement and/or the services and their content if:

5.1.1 There is any change to any law or regulation which applies to Rebeloak S.L. or the services we provide to you.

5.1.2 We decide that the services should be altered for reasons of quality of service or otherwise for the benefit of our customers or, in our reasonable opinion it is necessary to do so; For security, technical or operational reasons; If the changes or additions are minor and do not affect you significantly or we wish to have all our customers on the same terms and conditions.

5.1.3 In all other events, where we reasonably determine that any modification to our system or change in our trading, operating or business practices or policy is necessary to maintain or improve the services which we provide to you. However, you will have the right to cancel the affected services or end this agreement if the changes are significant (please see “Terminating this Agreement”).

5.1.4 This agreement is personal to you and you may not transfer your account or any of your rights and responsibilities under this agreement without our written agreement. For business reasons we may transfer any of our rights and responsibilities (as the case may be) under this agreement without your permission.

6) Terminating this agreement.

6.1 You may terminate your agreement with us simply writing to our office address or sending an e-mail to info@bb4s.com giving 30 days notice from 1st of month. (You may not terminate this agreement by telephone) You must allow us to collect our equipment from you, or return it safely to our office.

6.2 This agreement will remain in force until the equipment is properly returned and you have received final notification from us.
(Version 1.7.6 1/5/14)



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