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About us

Company Registration:
broadband4spain & bb4s are registered trademarks of Rebeloak S.L. (Sociedad limitada) a Spanish Ltd company.
The company has provided Internet and Telephone services in Spain since December 2019.

Rebeloak is privately owned by AHIMÁS NEXT S.L.
Registered at Registro Mercantil de Malaga: Nº de anuncio de registro 499837
Datos De Registro: libro 3066, seccion 8, inscripcion I/A 1, folio 139, fecha inscripcion hoja 87264, tomo 4156 | Número D-U-N-S 767847788

C.I.F. ES B92778695 (VAT/IVA number)


Public Telecommunication Operators Licences

Rebeloak S.L. is licensed by Comisión Nacional De Los Mercados y La Competencia (CNMC),

The Spanish equivalent of ofcom. We are bound by their voluntary arbitration scheme.

Rebeloak S.L. is licensed for the provision of public data networks, Internet connectivity and Telephone services. Our licences can be reviewed HERE at the CNMC website (formerly CMT).


Equivalent to the UK Data Protection Agency. Our methods are externally audited and confirmed to comply with L.O.P.D legislation standards (Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de 13 de diciembre de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal). Your personal information is protected.

Our Certification is available for inspection. See more information HERE

Code of ethics


The company recognises the obligations it has to those with whom it conducts its affairs. This includes its employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, competitors and the worldwide community. The company’s reputation, the trust and confidence of those with whom it deals, is one of its most important resources.

Rebeloak S.L strives at all times to guard this reputation as such any transgression of this code (or as amended from time to time)

by a Rebeloak S.L employee or officer may result in disciplinary undertakings. In broad outline all officers and employees are expected to promote:

honest and ethical conduct, such as the handling of any possible conflict of interest; complete, equitable, accurate, punctual and comprehensible disclosure of the Company’s financial results in accordance with relevant disclosure standards; compliance with relevant laws, rules and regulations of relevant jurisdictions; deterring ill action; and prompt internal reporting of transgressions of, and accountability for following, the Code.


Relations with Customers

Rebeloak S.L believes that integrity in dealings with customers is an obligation for a successful business relationship. This principle presides over all parts of the company’s dealings with its customers.

Rebeloak S.L aims to provide products and services that deliver fair value with reliable quality, consistently in exchange for fair reward.

Rebeloak S.L adheres to the confidentiality of customer information.

Rebeloak S.L refuses to do business with any organisation which it knows or suspects does not adhere to the support of basic human rights or complies with reasonable standards of honest and ethical conduct.

Relations with Shareholders and Creditors

Rebeloak S.L understands that its obligation to its shareholders is crucial and will as such make all efforts to act in their best interest.

The company will communicate its business codes, achievements and prospects honestly and seek at all times to protect the interest of its Creditors.

Relations with its Employees

Relations with employees are based on respect for the individual.

Rebeloak S.L will recruit and promote employees on the basis of merit and of the individual’s suitability for the job without discrimination, subject to local legislation.

In recognition of the efforts of the individual in helping to create the success of the company, Rebeloak S.L will maintain a framework of fair and just remuneration policies and structures.

Rebeloak S.L will encourage and assist its employees to develop relevant skills and progress their careers within the company.

Rebeloak S.L expects its employees to act with integrity and maintain high ethical standards. In particular, information received by employees in the course of business dealings will not be used improperly for personal gain or any purpose except that for which it is given.

Employees will not engage in an activity for personal gain which is in conflict with the company’s business interests or applicable law. Employees must disclose to the company any personal interest or interests of a member of the employee’s immediate family which could create a possible conflict of interest.

Employees are expected to comply with laws and regulations within all relevant jurisdictions.

Relations with suppliers

Rebeloak S.L will aim to develop relationships with its suppliers based on mutual trust.

All commercially sensitive matters related to the company and a supplier will be respected as confidential.

Rebeloak S.L refuses to conduct business with any supplier it knows or suspects uses child labour in any manner.

The receipt of gifts or favours by employees may be illegal or can give rise to difficult situations and may be construed as an improper inducement to grant some advantage in return. Employees must not compromise either themselves or the company in conducting the company’s affairs. The following principles should be followed: favours of any kind must not be requested or sought; money in any manner must never be given or accepted; reasonable small tokens and hospitality may be accepted as long as they do not put the recipient under any obligation real or apparent, do not contravene any applicable law, may not be misunderstood or could not be offered in return in similar kind.

The environment

Rebeloak S.L supports the conservation of the environment in all its available manners and understands that some resources are limited and should be used carefully.

Compliance and verification

Transgression of the provisions of this code by employees may lead to disciplinary undertakings, up to and including dismissal where necessary.

Rebeloak S.L aims to facilitate employees to express genuine concerns about behaviour or decisions that they see as unethical.

Rebeloak S.L encourages employees to promptly report any potentially illegal, incorrect and/or unethical behaviour they discover at their workplace or in connection with their work. If employees are concerned that reporting to their line management may result in harassment, victimisation or undue distress, they write directly to the Company Secretary /Administrador.


All enquiries in relation to this Code or its applicability to particular people or situations should be addressed to the Company Secretary/Administrador.